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Statistics Workshops

Each workshop is scheduled from
9:00-12:00 in 646A PGH

with coffee and rolls at 8:30.


Admission Is Free!!
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Workshop I
October 3, 2015



AP* Graders Discuss 2015 AP* Free Response  




Workshop II
December 12, 2015







Workshop III
February 20, 2016



Dr. Cathy Poliak will discuss Big Data




HP is hosting a professional development for AP Statistics educators in Houston July 12-14. Led by experienced instructors, the training will provide educators with subject-specific content, support to develop effective teaching strategies, and hands-on activities using AP exam materials. Topics for AP Statistics include univariate data, bivariate data, categorical data, probability distributions, and statistical inference. Learn about agendas and registration by visiting the HP Prime AP Summer Institute website


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Statistics Software

R (free program)

R and R-Studio Install Instructions


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